Difference between PC site and Mobile site

There’s a difference between the way the mobile site displays the main page vs. the way the PC site displays the main page. The mobile site seems to show the most recent topics underneath each category title. Is there a way to make the PC site show the same? I think if there were a LOT of categories, it might get a bit messy, but since there are only a few it might look ok.

Good question. I thought the desktop and mobile sites were both supposed to do that. I’ll check into it.

You can also just get rid of the categories all together. That’s how I prefer it. At least for now. Just every thread on one page. No switching back and forth looks like this.

To pick how you want it to display things, go to your preferences then interface, default home page.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

I also prefer the “latest” view.

Yeah, I’m liking it.

Thanks again, Navin!

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You learned me 2 things here, Navin: default homepage set to “latest” and default theme set to “dark”.

I dig it.

Default theme set to dark.

None more black.

Is there a way to stay logged in on the mobile? I created an icon on my iPhone that links to the site, but my login info is required each time.


I was having that problem early on but it seems to have sorted itself out. Try clearing your cookies maybe?

I stay logged in without doing anything special. Maybe there is a default setting someplace?

Could be browser related. I use chrome and havent had that problem