Deep thinker that I am…

I have decided yesterday’s game is the best way to beat the Rangers. Have them come back from a big deficit, tie the game, then take the lead with only three outs to get. Thrill their pitiful front-running fan base, let their chests swell with false pride because the late game heroics are against the Astros, and then…take the game away after 25 outs for no reason other than Astros hitters being better in the clutch than Rangers pitchers. Sorry Will Smith; you seem like a good guy, but Chapman will be closing soon.

What is the best way to beat the Yankees, you ask? Total domination, of course.


This supports your argument:


That tiny seed of doubt in the Rangers’ mind at the beginning of the series has grown to a gigantic boulder.


“Hey, it’s not a big deal. They’re the World Series champs… Wait, they were missing who? And who else? And who else? And he’s hurt? What about… Ah, fuck.”


Oh, they’re feeling it, discussed it during Bot of 7th (from 02:00:00 to 02:03:30), and they’re keeping stats on it:

• Rangers’ HOME games: 0 – 15 trailing or tied after 7 innings.
• OPS 7.37 for 7th – 9th inning is respectable (9th best in baseball), but when down by three or tied, it is 5.87 – 27th.

Loved this quote:

“McCormick breaks the Rangers’ heart the 2nd day in a row!!!”


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