Dead or alive? The players and managers in the 1972 Topps baseball set

Whether from a baseball history standpoint or as a collector, I enjoyed this article in the Chron…

Some factoids from the article:

  • Of the 685 players/managers represented in the 787-card set, 238 (35%) have died while 447 (65%) are still living
  • Among players only it’s 33% and 67% respectively
  • The only managers still living are Bill Virdon, Ken Aspromonte and Dave Bristol
  • The first death of anyone pictured in the set was Mets manager Gil Hodges who died of a heart attack even before the '72 season began
  • Six players in the set died while their careers were still active: Clemente, Don Wilson, Bob Moose (car accident), Dan Frisella (dune buggy accident), Danny Thompson (leukemia) and Thurman Munson
  • Oldest living player is Willie Mays at 90 while the youngest living player is ex-Astro Mike Ivie at 68
  • Besides Mays others living to see 90 were managers Red Schoendienst, Frank Lucchesi, Ralph Houk and Virdon
  • 59 of the deaths or 25% were from cancer
  • 37 of the deaths or 16% were from heart disease
  • 2 deaths (Grant Jackson, Lindy McDaniel) were directly related to COVID-19 while for 2 others with dementia (Jay Johnstone, Tom Seaver) it was a contributing factor [I wasn’t even aware until now that Jay Johnstone had even passed away]
  • Not surprisingly given the ages of these men deaths are now spiking with 20 passing away in 2020 and 15 already having died in 2021

And just out of curiosity, who among you besides myself still even has a subscription to the Chron?

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I do, though I stopped daily delivery this year. We still get the Sunday paper delivered.

I do. I only get the Sunday paper delivered as well.

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I get the Austin paper, but I’m about to change to internet only. They still do some good stuff locally, but the quality has gone completely in the crapper, mostly since it became part of USA Today.

Coffee and physical newspaper in the morning has been a routine of mine for a long time, I’ll miss it.

Cool article. That was during my collection intermission for cards … It seemed too juvenile for an army sergeant. I sure remember the players, though. And number 3 on his list (John Bateman) brought back one of my favorite baseball memories. I do not recall the date or even the year, but the radio call of him failing to score from third on a double is seared in my memory.

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The Austin paper outsourced its printing to another town (SA?) several years ago so coffee and two-day old news were not appealing to me. I dropped home delivery a couple of years ago and read online.

Yeah, it’s been a steady trip downhill. I’m finally fed up enough with it to make that change.

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I last subscribed to the Amnesiac Spaceman in 2012, though at the time it was due to my carrier’s inability to deliver the thing before 7:00 in the morning.

Dick Tidrow. card 506 Indians rookie stars.


I remember the great and huge mustache.

At its’ best the AAS was mediocre for a city of its’ standing.

We stopped taking the DMN several years ago.

A fatal blow had been struck years before that.

40 years ago I worked at The Dallas Times Herald.

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