De La Cruz & Toro

Both guys are hitting .300+ and showing power. I listened to a Marlins game. Their announcers were talking about how great the kids defense has been.

Meyers and McCormick have both been very good to date.

But I wonder if we are going to regret the Garcia trade in particular - or if we just have to acknowledge that you can’t play four across in the outfield unless its slow pitch softball.

No regerts.


Just the price of being a good team. The league is littered with guys the Astros gave up in win now moves. You can’t keep them all

Toro has really struggled since that crazy first week in Seattle. De La Cruz still looks like a fourth OF. Despite the batting average, he’s not walking, he’s striking out a lot, and he’s not hitting for much power at all (his .116 ISO, for context, is lower than Machete’s this season). Both are talented and useful players but they still look like the guys they were last month. No reason to think we’ll regret either trade.


Hell no. Absolutely was a good trade.


In my opinion all 3 trades were good trades.

After staying pat last year, Click really came to play this trade deadline.

Not only did he shore up the bullpen by adding 4 arms and subtracting 2 that needed a change of scenery, he did not weaken the farm system any further doing it.

Graveman and Montero for Toro: Not only did the Astros gain a legitimate weapon for the late innings to pair with Pressly but with Diaz back Toro would be on the bench. Jones has performed as well as can he expected in the spot Abraham would occupy. Montero pitched well until hurt and will return next year if not later in 2021. A+

Yimi Garcia for Brian De La Cruz and Austin Pruitt: Pruitt’s “stuff” and performance were simply not up to par. He was not going to stay on the club. Brian was about the 5th or 6th best OF prospect. Garcia is a huge upgrade for 6th/7th innings. A+

Phil Maton for Myles Straw: Myles was exceeding all expectations starting in CF, but his skill set makes him a dinosaur. He really fits better as a bench player because of such limited run producing ability. Chas in the big and Meyers in AAA had produced enough that Click was confident they could replace him for the rest of this year and be better fit and production for 2022+. Maton has some of the same strike throwing issues that the majority of the current bullpen arms have but he has great “stuff” and can pitch multiple innings. Clearly another upgrade at the cost of a replaceable player. A.


You did not include bringing up Meyers as part of the Straw trade. That makes it A+ to me.


I believe there’s a nugget about Meyers’ ascent hidden in @Idstrosfan 's 273-word post…
(Agree w/ the A+.)

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Great post! I concur with everything you are saying. Click also forced the issue with McCormick and (as Jim mentioned) Meyers getting more playing time.

The fact that Click did not have to give up the best prospects, or eat a gigantic salary leaves them in a good position moving forward.

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I still think toro was and is a good prospect. Good moves I would have made. Graveman has been a God send. I miss Hinch. Always liked the GM also, can’t remember name.

Luhnow is. He did a good job, but he was an arrogant ass. That helped along his downfall.

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don’t know if he is an arrogant ass, but no one else liked him in the game. Good lesson for us all. No matter how good you are at your job, everyone else matters also.

I never met him, but I have friends in baseball who have. They say he was an arrogant ass, and I believe them.

I suspect he is. But can some of this Luhnow hate from baseball “people” be because he is an outsider?

An outsider who also came in to “their” game and decided to change it to fit his ideas instead of conforming.

The game is/has been full of arrogant asses.

Lunhow was also disruptive, and that was far more threatening.


Of course, in the beginning it was because Luhnow was an outsider snd because he espoused the hated analytics. He intensified the animosity against him by his arrogance and know-it-all behavior, and he never tried to get along with his peers. His MO was the middle finger to traditional baseball people, and few, if any, had any sympathy when his demise disgraced him. I am 50+ year close friends with a traditional baseball person who loathed Luhnow.

PS Luhnow never tried to change anyone else. He simply told them their ideas were wrong and his were right. He also fired many of their friends.

.205 and .180 respectively this season.