DBacks @ Astros, September 28, 2022

Verlander going for win #18

Not going well.

Gapper double, infield single bobbled by Peña, PB on a lazy play by Maldonado, and a bunt hit.

Sac fly scores run 2 but finally gets an out.

ERA from 1.82 to 1.92


Varsho doubles to RCF
Smith with a broken bat chopper to SS, Peña boots it, Varsho to 3B
Passed ball, Varsho scores, Smith to 2B
McCarthy bunts, fielded by Mancini, but Verlander late covering, ruled safe. Astros challenging…replay shows it’s a tie…call upheld, Astros lose their challenge before recording an out, Smith to 3B
Walker flies out F8, Smith scores
Marte flies out F8
McCarthy steals 2B
Rojas…3-0…3-1…3-2…strikes out swinging

2-0 Snakes

Fly out, SB, punch out ends the inning at 2-0

Did Verlander have to field the bunt? If so, how’d he look?

Mancini fielded it, Verlander covered 1B. He looked fine, just late getting over.


Peña…0-2…1-2…grounds out 6-3
Diaz lines out to 3B
Tucker takes a cookie down the middle for strike three

2-0 DBacks


Carroll flies out F8
Kelly strikes out swinging
Perdomo…0-2…bloops one over 2B for a single
Pickoff attempt is wild, Perdomo to 2B on a TE1
Perdomo to 3B on a wild pitch
Varsho walks
Smith pops out F5

2-0 DBacks


Bregman strikes out swinging
Vazquez with a dribbler up the 3B line for the Astros first hit
Mancini grounds into 5-4-3 double play


Judge just hit 61

And there was much rejoicing.



We’re tied 2-2

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New Ballgame!!!

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to 1.81

Bye bye Rojas

The Pope stopped mid-prayer.

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DBacks with 1B and 3B, nobody out…