DBacks @ Astros, September 27, 2022

No more concerts please.

Alvarez (DH)

Garcia (P)

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Blum says Garcia needs to “trust his stuff”

Everyone finish your drink.

Stuff trusting results in 1-2-3 top of the first.

Good 1st for the trusting Garcia.

Hey, Hyundai Tuscon douche:

Glad you squeezed your car remotely into that parking spot.

Now the 1972 Ford can scrape it on their way out of their spot.


Altuve ties the franchise record with his 12th lead off HR of the year!

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2-0 in his wheelhouse.

Yordan limping. FUUUUUUUUUUUCK

Rolled the left ankle coming out of the box.

Yordan hurt a he suirts one into left.

Turned his ankle.

He’s gonna stay in.

Bregman does Yordan a favor and taps into a FC.

After watching Shepherd tear his ACL last night while basically jogging in a straight line, everything scares me.

That was terrible.

He was just coasting to a stop and his ACL popped.

Ducks on the pond for Mancini

Ok, Mancini, time to start warming up.


Mancini now hitting .189 as an Astro. For comparison, that’s 20 points below Jake Meyers.

Slugging .399, so at least it’s going far when he actually makes contact