DBacks @ Astros, September 19, 2021

Correa with a 3-run job in the B1

Apparently I missed the offensive explosion while I was at the store


You hate to see it.

3 run lead in the first.

Grienke in the process of giving it back.

Tied up, runners on 2nd/3rd with 1 out.

Greinke is completely washed


And now it’s 5-3.

We don’t have a pitcher that can get through the 4th without trouble?

And what a couple crappy throws by Tucker from medium depth.

My Greinke confidence meter has dropped to the left post.

That’s 2 consecutive baserunners taking 2nd on throws that had no chance.

What happened before and after is all on Zack, but why you don’t stick Altuve at double-play depth with 1 out and runners on first and second and Greinke pitching?

If he’s at double play depth, the inning ends with the Astros ahead 3-2.

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As he’s faltered his spray chart seems more and more to favor playing less shift/more traditional.

Jeez, I went outside to put another coat of paint on a project with a 3-0 lead, and I come back in and it’s 5-3. I don’t like the recent version of Greinke.

Generous strike 3 staunchest the bleeding.

He can’t get swings and misses.

Zack needs to adjust. The book on him now is to attack early in counts. The Rangers and DBacks both are using that gameplan.

I don’t know that he has much left to adjust with

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If he can’t make his changeup effective again, he is in big trouble.

Carlos is trying to make us feel better.

Leadoff double.