Dbacks @ Astros, September 18, 2021

McCullers with a 9-pitch 1-2-3 first.

Not sure what Altuve was thinking there.

Altuve takes a meatball down the middle for strike one, takes a meatball down the middle for strike two, takes a meatball down the middle for strike three. Not sure of the purpose of that at bat.

Really battled that at bat

Bregman walks


2-run line drive that killed a family of four in Torchy’s

That ball was simply destroyed.

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Gurriel overwhelmed by three 90-mph “heaters”

“that was malevolent” -Blummer

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After one…2-0 Astros

The team’s two best hitters both looked like that dude you see at the putt putt golf batting cages who plainly has never before in his life swung a baseball bat.

This is my last ballgame to watch before 2.5 weeks in Ireland. They better take it home while I’m away.

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Are you going to stay in that place that’s so remote you have to gather peat moss off the bog to fuel the fire to boil your breakfast?

I can watch from the jungles of Borneo, but Dublin is a black hole.

Why would I go anywhere else?

The earliest game I can watch starts at 2AM. The latest game I can watch will be over at 6AM.

It requires dedication.

Wi-fi? Other than that, I guess you wouldn’t. Maybe if you go up to the top of the rock you can catch a whiff of cell signal.

The local has electricity now, doesn’t it?

I’ll catch a few innings. You’ll be sure I’ll let the GZ know.

Seriously, no wired internet where we are but there’s at least LTE and possibly 5G (haven’t been in 2 years) so I use my old iPhone as a hotspot with a locally procured sim card.