Dbacks @ Astros, September 18, 2020


Greinke gets a pair of strikeouts, then works around a single.

No score.


Springer grounds to SS…clank, right off the iron bar in Ahmed’s glove. E6


Altuve…3-0…3-1 at the knees on the corner…swinging strike below the knees fills the count…Altuve’s head still in the 3B dugout…walks, Springer to 2B


Brantley lines one off the LCF wall…Springer had to hold to make sure it wasn’t caught, so it’s a 400-ft single off the wall…bases juiced, nobody out


Bregman…works the count full…takes a meatball right down the center for strike three.

Glad our cleanup hitter is up there looking to mash the ball and not draw a walk.

How are you not ready to hit a center-cut fastball 3-2 with the bases loaded?


Tucker…0-2…foul…wild pitch, Springer scores, Altuve to 3B, Brantley to 2B…


Tucker…now works the count full…swings at a pitch at his ankles, 9 inches off the plate.

Get out of the way ump!

Jesus, fuck the offense

That was fucking pitiful.


Gurriel…0-2…takes a meatball right down the center of the plate

Astros manage to get a run, no fault of their own, but that was as bad as you’ll ever see from the heart of the order.

1-0 Astros

I wonder if Zack Geinke and Zach Gallen are Zach Galifankis fans?


Peralta strikes out swinging

Runners on first/second, drive bounces off the wall…

Everyone moves up a base.

That sums up theSeptember offense nicely.


Ahmed grounds out 5-3


Smith strikes out swinging

1-0 Astros

Well you’re just a sunshine pumper tonight.

Note yesterday on Correa was that of his 40-something hits, 38ish are singles.

He has 1 more HR than Altuve.