DBacks @ Astros, September 17, 2021

Brandon Bielak will get the emergency start.

Let’s keep swinging the bats, boys

Single, stolen base, walk…two snakes on, one out


Radio guys are saying Bielak finished his warm up pitches a full minute before the game started, and was standing around for a while before first pitch.

Another walk loads the bases, two out…

It’s almost like if you walk batters even against a shitty team you get in trouble.

I was hoping Bielak could go three or four, but this might be his only inning.

Fly ball ends the inning. But Bielak really labors. Astros coming to bat.

Hard to believe that Bumgarner just turned 32 years old. Seems like he’s been 40 for 10 years.


Astros go quickly and quietly. No score

1-2-3 second for BB

No score

Dusty, Jason Castro is back from the DL.

“Just in time. We’re facing a lefty tonight.”

Astro go down meekly again

No score.

Well, Alvarez also needed a night off from all that DHing.

Single to LF, shiftfuck would be double play ball puts snakes on the corners on the first two pitches of the 3rd

Big strikeout. One out

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Complain all you want, meat.

It caught plate and the bottom of the zone.

Wild pitch moves runner to 2B and takes the double play out of order

Bad time for a 58 footer.

Well laydee fucking dah