DBacks @ Astros Sep. 19, 2020

Let’s win one today.

Good plan.

Striking out the side in the first is also a good plan

Now let’s score some fucking runs.

I second the above motion(s).

Gerard Bertrand Languedoc 2015

Smoked goat cheese and Gorgonzola, crackers.



Astros, shallow fly ball, strikeout, come backer, go weakly in the first.

1-0 DBacks

Calhoun…who else

No Javier, a grooved FB is not the pitch of choice there.

Javier needs to hit some spots or this is gonna get ugly.

The incessant talk about the playoffs from Kalas is so annoying.

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That half inning took half a decade.

Bregman did not accept that gift offer.

2-0 DBacks

Astros on the corners, one out for Altuve…

Altuve grounds weakly into FC, but it drives in a run…2-1

Quien es menos macho…Altuve or Bregman?

Adam Everett is shaking his head at those 2.

And it keeps getting pathetic-er.

Altuve drives a double to RCF!

We’re tied

Altuve sighting!