Cubs @ Astros May 17, 2023

France doesn’t make it through four innings. 6-1 Cubs with Martinez pitching in the fourth with two outs.

This has been fugly early.

The Cubs blitzkrieged France.

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They just didn’t use Stutkas and Panzers…

So far the Cubs have pulled down their panzers and stutkaed it right up their ass!

OK. That’s enough. I’ll stop now.

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I think that fokker was a Messerschmitt.


JP was just terrible.

On the bright side Bregman hit a bomb.

Poor France, and isn’t this typical? There was a great article about him and his wife in The Athletic today. Then he gets lit up tonight. I hope he can say “shit happens” and bounce back.


I suspect he will bounce back.

He was either way off the plate or right down the middle tonight.

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My fault. I started him on my Mihoba fantasy team.

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That’s pretty special, get thrown out at home trailing by five. Maybe he was mindful of who was due up next.

Six runs is too many but this offense doesn’t look like they could score enough to beat anybody.

I can only surmise that Hensley started this game over Dubon because he is the one getting sent down when Altuve is re-activated and, well, Dusty is gonna Dusty. But with 2 on, 2 out there in the 7th, I was hoping for a pinch hitter. Instead, Hensley K on 3 pitches. Dude is completely lost.

Well, fuck. Wisdom got a Texas leaguer to fall.

Now is the time for the Astros to quit fucking around. C’mon boys!

Hensley will be back, but I agree he is lost now. I think he needs regular PT and a boost of confidence. More mistakes to hit in AAA should help.


A couple of nice knocks there.

Bregman’s emergence from a long period of hibernation is a most welcome development.


Let’s do something special, Astros!


Chas, that wouldn’t have been a strike against Yao.