Cubans in the System

I would call it the Luhnow effect…

Down two Cubans today with the release of Elian Rodriguez and this…

Small sample size definitely, but when I saw him, I thought he had potential.

Yeah, I hope it was a bunch of cash. Those numbers don’t suggest somebody you’re just trying to unload.

The title of this thread sounds like a John le Carre novel.


I was going more for Elmore Leonard.

or Carl Hiaasen

Leosdany Molina (age 22) has had a decent start at Lo-A Fayetteville. He’s the regular SS and based on stats (and priority playing time) alone, seems to be a good one. I’d love to get an eyes-on report. He has a couple HRs and 5 SBs along with his .267/.327/.400 line. He is striking out way too often, though … 12 K in 49 PA.

Ben Badler at BA recently had another look at this year’s international signings (which noted earlier is Cuban dominant):

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I missed this signing earlier. He was assigned to the DSL Orange club where he’s off to a 7-14 start thru 5 games with 4 walks versus 2 whiffs.

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More success recruiting Cubans. This team better sign Yuli as a special assistant the moment his playing career is over.


Roving minor league caribean coordinator

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Keep ‘em coming!