Luckily I don’t think anyone has attempted that yet.

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Some hipster out there is workshopping a probiotic IPA, I guarantee you that.

I feel like there was a Korean chili pepper craft beer floating around here a few years ago.

This is the EXACT fucking thing one of my flight attendants told me at the hotel bar in Long Beach last month.
And, spoiler alert, he’s a big crypto fan.
Oh, how I hope he doesn’t follow through with his plans to become a pilot and fly for us.
I already work alongside enough chucklefucks at SWA.

Ask him if he thinks that having air traffic controllers is a good thing, or if all aircraft should just come and go whenever they choose.


You should hear the masses at work losing their fox news loving minds over the FAA’s implementation of a change to the title of the acronym for aviation information. It used to be called, NOTAM (Notice To Airmen), and last year was changed to, Notice To Air Missions. They are soooooooo upset at the FAA’s ‘wokeness’ and of course, blame Buttiegieg. Their dog whistles are telling.
Fucking snowflakes.

That’s really funny. I presume nobody ever says the full name of the acronym anyway. What a thing to be angry at.

Such delicate snowflakes

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The list of things so many of my co-pilots and flight attendants get their delicate little brains wrapped around the axle about is humorous until it’s not.
They’re such fucking snowflakes.

I’m going to go against this and say no, don’t touch cryptocurrency with a 10-foot pole. Like @Texifornia said, it’s the modern equivalent of the tulip craze. Pretty much anything (penny stocks, racetrack wagers, daily fantasy etc) would be a safer choice.

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This is kind of a “guns don’t kill people” argument. Cryptocurrency makes it far, far, easier for criminals to do fraud and extortion. There would be no ransomware attacks without cryptocurrency. Not to mention the black markets it facilitates-I’m not going to search, I imagine cryptocurrency is a huge boon for the human trafficking and child porn “industries”.

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I’m no crypto fan-boi, and I do not disagree that crypto makes certain criming - sadly some of the worst criming - easier. But these things did exit before crypto, including cyber attacks (the increase in which has just as much to do with Putin providing hackers with safe haven as the method of payment).

But the authorities are getting better at tracking and tracing crypto, so the criminal free-for-all is coming to an end.

This is great news, particularly on the Sam Bankman-Fraud front! To be clear, I don’t know much about finance.

But I do know the technical/security side pretty well, and I can tell you that cryptocurrency has been a very bad thing for legitimate business on the Internet, and that’s not likely to change no matter how many people are caught.

To be fair, that’s orthogonal to whether or not it’s a sound investment. On that topic, I don’t feel l should invite a novel financial instrument into my portfolio. Is there something that recommends it more than say, penny stocks or sports betting? I’ll hang up and listen.

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Crypto as an investment is nonsense. Akin to penny stocks as you say, and peddled just as honestly.

Crypto as a tool for international trade isn’t much better. Unless you can manage your financial world so as to operate solely in crypto, eventually you are going to have to convert it back into a paper currency. The risk of the conversion rate having moved massively against you in the meantime is very real, meaning you really never know how much money you actually have and at any given time it could be “zero”.

Getting into crypto is like sitting down at a poker table: if you look around and can’t spot the sucker…it’s you.

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Perhaps the most methodical (two hours!) takedown of cryptocurrency and NFTs that I’ve ever seen.

I originally used it as a method of sending large sums of money between Korea and the US with almost no fees. It was pure luck I was perfectly set up and noticed the 40% difference in prices between the Korean and US markets. I took advantage of that before it ended but I was hardly an investor.

One of the Podcasts I enjoy is Michael Lewis’ Against the Rules. His next book is about Crypto and he was imbedded with Bankman-Fried for 6 months last year. So that should be interesting.

His podcast released a background podcast on the book a few weeks ago that interviewed a guy who wrote a book that Lewis leaned on a great deal -“Tracers in the Dark: The Global Hunt for the Crime Lords of Cryptocurrency” by Andy Greenberg
It was a good listen - On Background: Bad Actors on the Blockchain | Against the Rules

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