Could the news have been any worse?

The Verlander forearm strain puts a whole new twist on 2020. Or more to the point, the injury is endemic of everything wrong in 2020.

Guess we will find out what James, Urquidy, Javier, Valdez and/or any of the other young ones bring to the table.

I have to admit that my immediate thought is that the trade deadline just took a really ugly turn for the Astros.

On the bright side, Tucker and Toro look MLB ready. We desperately need to retain George, but offensively even if we have to move Brantley and Reddick at the deadline, provided Yordan is able to DH, we should still have a far above average offense.

I’m being way too gloomy, but I think Justin was the single most important player on the roster without Cole, Morton and the beard. I’m missing McHugh even more at this moment.

Or Justin comes back in two weeks, the offense produces wins, and we all march happily towards the playoffs. Better option.

Dr Strange has visited 14,305,000 versions of the future, and in not a single one of them do the Astros do this.


MMMM… Strange…