College Football 2023

If you like watching offense that is truly offensive, the backyard brawl is the game for you!

I thought you were gonna say TCU vs Houston.


1st half of Arky-BYU looking like the game of the day

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That game hasn’t made it onto one of my screens yet. Starting a college game at 7 is just weird, so my screens were already set and I haven’t had a reason to change one.

Been a fun one

That was one of the worst “blindside” calls I have ever seen

UT is just out there fucking around, not a care in the world.

Playing up to, and down to, the competition has been a problem for them forever

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They’re gonna fuck around and lose this game if they’re not really careful.

Man, how bad must Alabama be?

South Alabama crushes Okie State 33-7.
Tech finally beats somebody 41-3

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What a punt by Colorado State…

Don’t go prevent now

They went prevent, and the inevitable happened.

Coward coaches, 2 soft deep safeties, let them go 98 yards down the field in 1:30 after shutting them down all game.

CSU kinda did everything in their power to lose that game

Just huge soft spaces all over the field with so much time left. Absolutely idiotic coaching not to lose.

They had shut CU down all game with pressure, so they naturally decide to rush 3 or 4 and play soft zone against a mobile accurate QB. Brilliant plan.

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No kidding-the dreaded (dreadful?) prevent defense.

Gotta be a better hashtag


I’ll be envious of @Doyce7 and his at-home sportsbar of screens tomorrow. Lots of good games pretty much all day.

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I don’t know what to make of the 21.5 point spread on Colorado@Oregon. Is this the week that CU trips up against a quality opponent, or is CU still being underestimated?

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