College Basketball 2023 - 2024

I expected Michael Doleac to come off the bench

I just remember Eaton was one of the only guys who really gave Hakeem fits.

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Absolutely correct. Hakeem talked about it later.

He also hated the NY Knicks small bowling ball Anthony Mason

The knicks were easy to hate in general back during the Clutch City run.


L.J. Cryer is pretty good.


They said a minute ago that UH has missed 11 shots and have 6 offensive rebounds

They are a hard to to out effort.

Dayton sure brought a lot of fans with them. I guess going to Charleston is a nice get away for western Ohio.

If you don’t have really good guards, you’re going to have a long night against UH.

Nate Santos doesn’t miss often. Before this game he was shooting 70.8% from the floor and 54% from 3. Tonight at the half he is 5 for 6 including 3 for 3 from beyond the arch.

He and Holmes have 26 of Dayton’s 32 points

A 7’6" wingspan on a 6’7" human is more than human.

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Michael Phelpsian

Texas on a 7-0 run to pull within 7 of UConn at 71 - 64 with 5:46 left.

ETA: now within 4

I was kind of proud how they played without their two big men, but U Conn is really good, much better than Texas.

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I didn’t see the second half, but the first half and the previous game were not shooting clinics. Too early in the season to know whether that’s just early season rustiness or something more troubling.

UConn is good, but I’ll hold off saying they are much better than Texas when Shedrick was held out due to it being a back-to-back in November, and Dylan Disu is out after offseason foot surgery. The fact that Texas made this a four-point game in the second half without any size is impressive considering UConn plays two big, athletic post players.

Rodney Terry and the coaching staff were playing the long game tonight.

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That have been shooting very well before MSG.

I trust Terry a lot at this point.

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Mitchell was good tonight. Abmas and Hunter didn’t have their best shooting night.