Cole and FA

If he goes to NYY, I may become a serial killer. I know he (and Boras?) met with the Astros at the GM meeting, but I have not read one word about the talk.

If he goes to NYY, I hope it is a very long, very expensive deal.

Coach: This is where the interests of player and team/owner diverge. If some sap like Arte Moreno throws around some absurd number, Cole would be a fool not to take it. It would be a big loss, but not the biggest Lunhow at al. have surmounted. My faith is in Luhnow et al. to do what’s oin the club’s best long term interests. It’s so comforting having faith in your team’s management. It just makes for a happier disposition.

Depends on your definition of fool. Staying with the organization which made you great for $100,000,000 is not foolish.

Fuck the Yankees.

(I hope that’s a first for the new forum)

just afraid he is going to land in the Astros division and pitch against them every other week or so

Then we steals signs and beat his ass.


That’s right, @JimR. The Astros mad a good pitcher with great skills and a great baseball mind, great. Baseball is a game of adjustments and counter adjustments so it will be interesting to see how Cole adjusts without the braintrust at his disposal when the league invariably stops the uppercut mania and goes back to hitting level through the ball. And the Astros “steal the signs” by exploiting the tells in his delivery or mannerisms. Which they have studied for 2 years.

Damn Straight Jimmy!

Cole won’t have a better opportunity to win for an extended period of time than in Houston. Him, JV and Greinke can win a lot of games together for the next few years. I can’t think of another team with two hall of fame pitchers in the rotation. Hopefully Cole sees that, realizes who helped him become the pitcher he is today and will give it another run with the Astros.

My fond but faint wish also

Faint wish is a good way to put it.

His behavior after game 7 spoke volumes.

I wouldn’t read too much into that. His team had just lost game seven of the world series. He was pissed. He should have been pissed.

Now that the dust has settled, if the Astros make him a reasonable if comparatively short offer, he’ll either stay with a team that can win or he’ll chase the most money offered. As I’ve said, I won’t fault him if he chases the money, since while the Astros are likely to offer real money, the difference between their offer and the highest offer is likely to be astronomical.

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I have always thought that their best opportunity to lock him up long term would have been last year when they negotiated a deal with JV. Maybe they tried to and he shot them down like Keuchel did? I can see Houston offering a 3 to 5 year deal with an equal yearly salary as anyone else will offer. If he wants one of these 7 to 10 year deals there is no way we do that.

Hamels signed a 1 year $18 million deal with the Braves

Wheeler to the Phils.

5 years $118 million

Yowzers. Cole is giddy.

Bundy to Angels. Doh, I’d been hoping the Astros might try and land him dating back to this time last year. Off the board now.

I never had the impression that Cole was interested in staying in Houston vs. taking the biggest, longest contract available.

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