Co-ards at Astros, 6/4/24

This is your lineup:

This is your lineup on absinthe:
2b Altuve
3b Bregman
LF Alvarez
CF Meyers
SS Pena
DH Diaz
C Caratini
1b Abreu
RF Dubon

P Arrighetti

When Tucker went down yesterday I meant to mention that it clearly foretold Bregman batting second. I’m sure many of us had the same thought, but it’s nice to see premonitions come to fruition.

Raise your hand if you ever predicted cleanup hitting Jake Meyers

Put your fucking hand down

(Joe Espada quickly lowers his half-raised hand)


“If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a zillion times…Jeremy Pena will NOT hit second as long as I draw breath!! I don’t care what happens!!” - Joe Espada…probably.


Even Dusty Baker is embarrassed by this lineup.

If I was STL manager I would hold up 4 fingers every time Yordan started walking to the plate.

1-0 Cardinals

Middle of one…1-0 Cardinals

Altuve with a first pitch single

Bregman drilled on the hand


At best that’s gonna hurt for a while

He’ll have a knot there by the sixth inning.

Wild pitch…Astros at 2B and 3B, nobody out…

No sense at all to pitch to Yordan now.

Yordan dribbles out 3-1, Altuve scores

Jake Meyers, Big League cleanup hitter…infield in…grounds out 3-1 on a diving stop…Bregman scores

Peña walks