Closing pendleton bridge between tx and louisiana

Over Toledo bend lake (dammed up Sabine River) .State troopers will only allow commercial and necessary personnel over the span. This is not a major crossing, no towns on either side. If is a part of Louisiana and Texas that runs together as far as shopping, workers and such. Am I the only one who thinks this is truly scary?

Texas DPS is said to have been setting checkpoints not allowing any non-essential travel through the I-10 border crossing with La here in SE Texas.

In direct violation of the Constitution.

Cannot be true, HH. Trump says he loves the Constitution and won’t issue a nationwide stay home order because he loves it so much.

He also wants the people to go back to golf courses. Wonder why?

As well as the right to peaceful assembly.

Non essential out of state travelers can come into the state but have to quarantine for 14 days.

No papers?