Class of 2020 Basebal Hall of Fame

Larry Walker made it in his final year of eligibility.

Jeter missed unanimous selection by one vote. Which is hilarious.

Best comment on Jeter:

“That voter honored Jeter in the best way - he chose the wrong position, then refused to be moved from it.”



That’s genius.

Next year’s ballot will be interesting as there aren’t any likely first ballot guys. Schilling might get over the hump, but there’s a really good chance nobody else will. If the HOF ceremony is just Schilling with the undivided attention of the baseball world it could be really awkward.

Omar Vizquel will likely get in next year or the following. Which makes me sad.

It would take a remarkable jump but next year’s barren ballot might be conducive to it. I always liked Vizquel and he had a great career, but the notion that he belongs in the hall of fame is delusional.

Someone at another site posted that there is a building…a whole complex even, dedicated to honoring Major League greatness. They honor Harold Baines, Jack Morris, Lee Smith and Trevor Hoffman but Curt Schilling is still on the outside, and guys like Jim Edmonds, Kenny Lofton, Lance Berkman, and Kevin Brown don’t even get consideration. After a while you come to the realization that the HOF just doesn’t mean much.

Yeah, yeah, theres always dissension at the margins…its not like they are keeping out the best player who any of us have seen in our lifetimes or something like that…

One (8th place) MVP vote in his entire career.

More voters considered Morgan Ensberg a top-10 player at any time than Omar Vizquel.

That should be the end of the discussion.

Omar Vizquel and Larry Walker too for that matter are guys who should be inducted immediately into the Hall of Very Very Good.

And I’m not sure I could argue that Harold Baines even belongs in THAT place. Hell, if Michael Brantley plays for another ten years apparently he’ll be in the goddam Hall of Fame, too.

The vets committee will come to the HOF rescue with a name from long ago

This is glorious.

Don’t know where you found it, but thanks. I’ve texted this to my baseball buddies already.

Will Omar Vizquel be the last “all-glove” HOFer?

This kid Smith is killing it.

Jeter provided cover for a slew of Yankee PED malfeasance, much as Tim Tebow did for the Gators’ brushes with the law

Eye test, watching him play, I always considered Walker a HOF player.

We have stats now and we are supposed to replace the analog “eye test.” I’m OK with this I suppose but the fact remains watching someone play remains our first assessment.

Especially when talking about defense.

Yes, Waldo, thanks. Watching him play in Montreal, he (and Dave Parker in PIT) had the biggest delta versus their peers in throwing arms that I can honestly recall over my time.