ChiSox @ Astros, June 19, 2022. Father’s Day Special

1-out walk for the Sox in the first.

Middle of first…no score

Hans Klopek on the mound for Chicago

Altuve with a lead off single

Brantley carved up

Bregman singles, Altuve to 3B

Pitcher had a little help from the ump on the 2-0 high FB

Strike zone is head to toe, dugout to dugout.

I like offense in the 1st inning.

Tucker singles, Altuve scores, Bregman to 3B and Tucker to 2B on a TE7

Gurriel pops up


OK, rookie, do something fun here.

Ump ready for a steak dinner in the 1st inning.

Astros DH is a guy who has never reached base in his career. Awesome.

Comical job by HPU

Matijevic strikes out. Which he’s done 75% of his career at bats.

A disappointing 1-0 Astros lead

Two different strike zones.

Cintron tossed between innings because of strike zone reasons.

Alex Cintron tossed after the Matijevic at bat.

1-out HBP

Double puts Sox on 2B and 3B