Chas - like the sample!

More Please!!!
Even THIS was exciting!
W/i inches of driving in 7 last night!

I think the Myles Straw experiment needs to be over.

Send him to AAA when Brantley returns

Chad starts in CF and bring up Dawson or Siri to be the 4th OF.

They probably are better baserunners and defenders and actually are a threat with the bat.


Couldn’t agree with you more. He’s obviously in the lineup for his speed. But he’s not getting on base enough to be much of a threat.

And he is not a good baserunner

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Nor is he a very good fielder.

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It’s probably a mirage that will evaporate in a heartbeat, but Straw started to exceed my low expectations in the back half of May. From May 16 onward, he hit .310/.356/.357. That’s dismal power–McCormick’s 4 homers this year already quadruple Straw’s entire MLB homer output–but if Straw can keep that on-base rate up, I can overlook the fact that it’s basically just walks and singles.

So far, with just occasional chances, McCormick’s line is at .196/.279/.471. By the eye test, though, he looks like he belongs in the batter’s box and he seems every bit as fast as Straw. And defensively, Straw has not set a very high bar. The moment Straw’s numbers start to slide from his late-May mark, Dusty ought to give McCormick more playing time, just to see whether he can’t take over CF every day and return Straw to the speed-off-the-bench role.

All the OF on the 40 man roster are already on the active roster. Who would you DFA to bring up Siri, De La Cruz, or Dawson?


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