Name 1 player that has signed a contract for over 5 years and contributed to the end of the contract.


Recently? Zack Greinke, Max Scherzer, and Clayton Kershaw come to mind off the top of my head. Alex Rodriguez was still pretty good in 2010. The jury is still out on a couple of guys like Arenado and Trout, but they’re looking pretty strong.

Now try 10 years or longer. Steroid users dont count.

Does Jose Altuve count?

2022 was year 5 of his 7 year deal.

4 of 5 very good seasons (only 2020 was exception and it shouldn’t count). 3 all star selections and 2 silver sluggers including 5th year of deal.

Still 2 years left but looking good.

2023 and 24 will be the last 2 years of Bregman’s 5 yr deal and he looks like he will be fine.

It feel like this challenge should be more for 6 or 7+ year contracts, not 5 year ones.

And most teams acknowledge that players will out perform early and under perform late in long term deals when they make the offers.

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Altuve is still productive. I believe Correa may have 3 good years left. He is a classy guy but health issues dont just go away.

Carlos Lee was on a terrible team and lost his HR power but still hit .287 w/ .747 OPS good for 102 OPS+ in his 6th and final season before being traded.

Why not make it 30? Does that make your point better?

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I think Crane favors shorter contracts. Higher annual salaries. Lower risk. Agents like Boras has ruined the sport. Owners are getting wiser with the exception of a few.

Boras and other agents are just doing their job.

It sucks that players trying get their share and making up for years of playing for less than their value is “ruining the sport”

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Other sports have approximately 50% of revenue going to player salaries. As recently as 2019, MLB was at 36%.

MLB revenue increased over 30% from 2015-2019. Player salaries rise 6.4%.

So - no. Agents and player contracts are hardly at fault.

Baseball like all other sports pays only a few of their stars and fill their rosters with marginal players. It is what it is. I love the sport and football.

What makes you think he has a point?

New posters has ruined the atmosphere.

Read more. Post less.

Seriously. When you enter a room, don’t start dumping your every thought on anyone who is present. Stop. Listen. See if there is something interesting happening and then see if you have anything interesting to add to the conversation.

This forum is a virtual “room” – Read more; post less.

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Damn few marginal players on the Astros roster.

I’m assuming the point was that long-term contracts carry risk, and often don’t work out, especially if they cover the back end of a player’s career. I don’t think anyone here would argue with that. No one here is clamoring to offer Carlos Correa a 13-year deal.

I just realized how much this sounds like mansplaining.

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More like adultsplaining – it was not clear to me that the original poster (whose gender is undisclosed) had ever heard any advice on joining a conversation in process. I thought I was being more helpful (or even tactful) than my first response would have been.

Clarksplaining has a nice ring to it.


Wouldn’t that be a clark doing the explaining? Maybe popesplaining is the right word.