Carlos Correa Interview-Athletic

In the wake of the Correa interview, the smarmy f****t Jeff Passan of ESPN, who ran with the “Altuve buzzer” story, now feigns his “sources” told him all along that Altuve did not participate.

Chris Sale: grownup.

Or it could be that something is about to come down on Boston…

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I’d love to see a Celebrity Deathmatch.

I’d rather watch some baseball, but I don’t think the commissioner likes baseball.

Well, at least now Baker is on record about protecting his guys, and Manfred is on record about having talked to all teams about it. If things go south, there’s a way to hold Manfred’s feet to the fire.

I just watched an interview ESPN had with Correa predicting the winner of an UFC fight. Correa is incredibly intelligent and analytical and I see/pray him as the Astros’ manager one day…