Cardinals @ Astros, June 3, 2024

Don’t suck, JV.

1-0 Cardinals

0-2 hanging slider right down the middle.

2-0 Cardinals

JV may have misunderstood your request.

Jesus, Justin…

Regarding Masyn Winn, Card fan friends of mine say that the Cards haven’t seen as good of a defensive shortstop since Ozzie. Of course they’ve said that at least a half a dozen times since he retired.

Middle of one…2-0 Cardinals

He’s getting way too much of the plate in two strike counts.

Tucker with an infield single

Tucker swipes 2B

Alvarez walks. Two on for Bregman…

Bregman chops into 5U FC

Meyers grounds into 5U FC

2-0 Cardinals

C. Charlie Kerfeld

Gonna be a long fucking night.

2-0 after two

UT v Stanford softball on the 2nd screen is pretty fun

Bregman would be proud of those last three ABs.

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And that should do it for this one.

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Jesus Fucking Christ this team is fucking awful.

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