Can't open multiple windows

So I just discovered a quirk of this software that I don’t like. It will not let you open multiple windows on the site, not even from different devices. It tracks where you are. So I can’t keep a game thread in one window and post something different in another. Unless I’m missing something. That’s disappointing.

Weird. I’m using chrome on my iPad. Replying to this thread with game thread in another tab.

Not letting me do that. Makes me abandon my post other thread, even on different devices. Weird

Weird. Firefox and Windows lets me do both simultaneous tabs and windows.

I can open, but if I’m responding to a post and open another window, it picks up with that response. If I erase it, it erases in the other window. Replies are linked to windows and devices.

I just tested. same results as Hudson on my PC.

Just tried it and no issues. I use private browsing so that may have something to do with it.

My observation is that if you are:

  1. Typing a reply to a thread and open a new tab, the editor with your reply to the previous thread will stay open
  2. If you then start a new reply on a different thread, it will ask you to abandon your previous post or save a draft before you can start a new reply
  3. If you click “Save draft” then you can type both replies in both tabs concurrently.

Drafts are saved in your forum account which is why the behavior persists across multiple devices. This is so that you can come back to it later if you accidentally browse away from the page, your browser/computer crashes, etc. If you have a draft “in flight” then the site will always show it to you (and if you have multiple drafts, I think it’ll show you the latest one). If you’re on a mobile device and open a new tab while typing a reply, you may have to collapse the editor (clicking the down arrow in the top right corner of the editor) in order to see the stuff behind it.

Maybe that’s it. I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

I’ll see if I can make that work. But it’s an annoying quirk of the software.

If you were expecting it to work exactly like the old forum then I can understand why it would be confusing or frustrating. Of course, the old forum didn’t know how many replies you had going and didn’t give two shits whether you lost any or all of them. I’m sure we’ve all seen at least one multi-paragraph reply disappear into the ether over the years due to some sort of glitch. So hopefully once you understand what the new forum is trying to do for you then it will make some sense. It’s really just one extra mouse click on a desktop browser, and two extra clicks on mobile.

It makes sense, I just don’t like it. But I’ll get used to it. I just didn’t know it did that until today.