Cabo Recs

Reckon I could’ve put this is in the travel thread, but thought a separate topic would get more eyeballs.

Taking Kara to Cabo San Lucas next month for her bday. First time for both of us down there.

Plan is to go for five nights. Any recs on where to stay (in town vs. one of the resorts on the beach) and what to do (would like to do some fishing and snorkeling while we’re there) would be hugely appreciated.

And if Todos Santos is better than Cabo, by all means let me know.


A really fun thing to do is the ArtWalk, Thursday nights from 5 to 9 PM. Let me know if you’re interested and I can hook you up with a dear friend (and longtime mentor) of mine, Frank Arnold. This is his gallery:

Fantastic!! That looks very cool.

@das Just sent you a dm about Art Walk.

Charter boat fishing.

Los Tamarindos, restaurant.

I just sent Frank a note asking him to keep an eye out for you. Hopefully he will get it in time.

Hey!! Just got back from Art Walk. Such an awesome time. We made it to Frank’s gallery and it was fantastic. Such a nice guy. Introduced ourselves and we hung out for a good twenty to thirty minutes chatting and having a drink together. Apparently, you called the one and only tornado to hit Fresno? His wife Carmen is also wonderful. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Frank has a piece of art being installed in Napa in a few months and we have tentative plans to get together when he comes up. Thank you again for that recommendation!! Highlight of the trip for sure.

That’s so great. Glad you were able to hook up. I’m not surprised at all that y’all got along well.

Thanks for this!! Didn’t make the fishing trip this time but certainly on the books for our next visit. We ended up staying well outside of either San Jose Del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas. I think the next trip we’ll probably stay in the former. Definitely much more our style.