Brewers at Astros, May 17, 2024

Milwaukee scores 3 in the 4th to take a 4-2 lead.
Astros score 3 in the 5th to take a 5-4 lead.


Big time homer on a low and away slider for Pena

Pena has been light in the darkness all year. So far, a really great adjustment to last year’s lackluster performance. Bodes well for his career.


Bauer hit a solo homer, Meyers his a 2 run homer, Ortiz a three run homer, Peña with a three run homer. All runs scored on homers.

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I’m admittedly of the loop because I haven’t watched as many games this year as usual, but what are these hats that they’re wearing tonight? I’ve never seen them before. Is this something ongoing or something special for tonight?

Hunter Brown pitched better than the boxscore shows. A couple of walks and a good swing got him for the Cruz homer. Both walks were affected by home plate being a couple inches smaller tonight

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Armed forces weekend

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Tayler Scott gives up a single and a stolen base, but gets the next three guys in order.

After 5.5: 5-4 Astros


This is a fun radio game

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This guy behind the plate is a fucking idiot.


Thanks. I checked their Social media but didn’t see anything about it.


I really kind of wanted to see Joey swing again with some runners on base.

You’re more generous to Hunter than me.

His fastball isn’t nearly good enough to leave it where he often does.

Still I’m glad he didn’t give hip any more than he did.


5-4 Stros, top 7

I switched away during the pitching change and the next thing I know Montero is on the mound.

Wasted 2 men on/no outs.



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Tonight, unless you throw it right down the middle or 6 inchs above the zone, you probably don’t get a strike call

Abreu in for the 8th.