Brewers @ Astros, May 18, 2024

Verlander gets the Brewers in order in the first. Astros coming up.

Another bozo behind the plate. JV throws a changeup that is all over the plate for a ball and then Wilson throws a cutter 6 inches below the zone for a srike

Now one 6 inches outside gets called

Singleton thinks he’s got wheels and gets gunned down trying to strech a single into a double

Well, Verlander gets a called 6 inches outside too, so I guess the plate hit a growth spurt

Verlander works a zero despite a seeing eye single and liner off the glove of Pena

Dubon with RISP is awesome.


Astros plate a run but Yordan leaves two RISP. 1-0 Astros after 3.

HPU is a mess.

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Nifty play by Jose.

Good cover by JV too

After 4, still 1-0 Astros.

That’s Dan Iassonga behind the plate. He is, in fact, awful. And the crew chief.

And CB Bucknor is also in this awful crew.

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Two on, nobody out in the top of 5.

Buckle down, JV.

Another BB now the bases are all drunk and shit, with no outs.

Perkins with a sac fly, Ortiz scores, tie game.

36 pitches so far this inning.

Contreras homers on the 13th pitch.

Fuck! Now 4-1 Brewers.