Bregman and the Bounce Pass

Not sure where this belongs, but it looks like something that could easily go wrong.

Never mind. Cabrera already posted it under “Rule Changes”.

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I decided to put this here so I didn’t have to create a new thread or search through months or years looking for a Bregman contract thread.

I am currently debating with some other fans what an Bregman extension might look like.

I think Brown will try very hard to get an extension done with him (and Altuve) this offseason, leading up to his lame duck year.

I think Kris Bryant’s 7 yr / $182M is the best comp.

The consensus from others is that it must be no more than 5 yrs /$100 M or let him walk.

Anyone have any thoughts?

I’d like to see if he can consistently hit for league average production again before inking him long-term.


On the plus side, if he’s going to get back to his career averages he’s going to have to go on one hell of a tear. Today would be a good day to start.


Bregman is simply not a franchise type of player. I would not commit to him long-term again. 3-years would be about it for me. No fucking way I’d give him seven.