Blue Jays at Astros, 4/17/23

2B Dubon
3B Bregman
DH Alvarez
1B Abreu
RF Tucker
SS Pena
LF Julks
CF Meyers
C Maldonado

P Javier

Javier gets an F8 and 2 K to end the inning in order.

BOT 1:

Dubon laces a single past a diving SS
Bregman flies out to CF on first pitch
Jordan walks on 3-1, Dubon to 2B
Abreu doubles off the CF wall over Kiermaier’s head! Both runners score, 2-0 Astros
Tucker walks
Pena loads the bases on catcher’s interference
Julks lines to the LF wall for a double. 2 runners score, 4-0 Astros
JAKE FROM RAKE FARM! Sneaks it over the RF wall! 7-0 Astros
Maldy strikes out swinging
Dubon flies to CF, but the Astros bat around

END 1: Astros 7-0

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WOW, that was crazy. Never seen a catcher’s interference like that before.

JULKS! Not quite a jolt, but a jerk maybe?

I like Julks.

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What the fuck is happening?

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I saw a thing the other day that noted that the team is 7-2 when Julks plays and 0-9 when he doesn’t. There’s a similar star for Maldy but in the other direction.

Nice way to start a ballgame.

That ball left the park in a hurry.

Good to see Meyers grinning like a goon in the dugout.


Have to jump on a call, someone take over PBP

In other news de Grom pulled from the game in KC after 4 innings, no baserunners.

Chapman homers


Great sliding catch by Bregman in foul territory ends the inning.


I don’t know whether Biggio’s ever going to amount to anything, it certainly looked like it at first, but good heavens does he have a pretty swing.

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He had one walk.

What on earth was Meyers thinking throwing to third? He was never going to get Kiermier in 100 tries.

I’ve been curious how long it’s going to take him to get his obp > or = to his ba

Javier has to go deeper than this with such a big lead.