Blue Jays @ Astros May 8, 2021

No baserunners in the first.

1 out walk followed by a Biggio homer to right.

2-0 BJs.

Pitchers: Javier vs Matz

Jose Novice behind the plate.

Back to back Ks.

Astros come to bat in the 2nd.

Strikeout and 2 fairly sharply hit fly balls for the Astros in the 2nd.

Gonna need to extend some counts and pounce.

Jansen demolishes a meatball.


Javier follows that up with a 4 pitch wall.

Strom out to straighten him out.

Don’t like this version of Javier.

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Strikeout followed by a laborious walk.

1st/2nd with 1 out, Teoscar batting.

He needs to straighten this shit out pronto.

This blows.

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Foul pop out to Machete (pink hair for you and me)

2 rbi double for their CF whose name in not gonna look up.





6-3 (shift) mercifully ends the inning.

Gonna need more than zero, bats.

(he said as the 7-8-9 hitters prepared to bat).

Tucker’s at sea, man.

Swinging bunt garbage from Tucker.


Back* to back hits with 2 out in the 3rd.

Diaz with a line shot to the pitcher to end the 3rd. Bats have some work to do.

1 hit but no damage for Javier top 4. Let’s go sticks!