Blue Jays @ Astros May 7, 2021

3-1 Astros after 2.

Bichette soki shot in the first.

2 run blast from Correa, based loaded walk to Bregman in the 2nd.

Alvarez was rung up on a pitch 3 inches off the plate. He discussed things with blue.


Crawford Boxes special makes it 3-2

Next pitch is rocketed on a line to the scoreboard.

Good throw to second would have nailed him, but it wasn’t.

Well it was closer than the 2nd pitch.


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Also of note, this is the same fucking awful crew we had in NY. So all 4 of them are horrendous behind the plate.

Tonight’s scrub is Andy Fletcher.

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Navas tomorrow.

Someone on Twitter referred to the NY series villain as Jose Novice.

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Couple of ground balls ends the threat.

Mid 3

So glad HPU took the bat out of Alvarez’s hands with the bases juiced.

To Fletcher’s credit, he hasn’t done something absolutely horrific yet this season, unlike the other two slop jars full of nuts.

Yuli singles thru the vacated right side.

The homer in the 2nd was Correa first hit since last Friday.

This time he hits into a 3U-6 (tag) dp.

Tucker gets carved up.

End 3

Tucker spiking his bat because he whiffed on a center/center hanger just about encapsulates the Kyle Tucker Experience.

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Popup, F7, single to center, 6-4 FC for the Jays.

Mid 4

Wonder if Diaz will get a start in RF this weekend.

A cardboard cutout of Diaz would be a better option at the plate.


Jays have action in the pen.

Straw 3-0, 3-1, 3-2, foul, walks on a pitch in the dirt

Remember when everyone wanted Tucker and Whitley and we kept saying no way? I wonder who we could have right now had we said yes?

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Maldonado pops one a mile high, fielded by Vlad Jr a few steps foul near 1B

Altuve F9, Straw was running, slid into 2nd and had to hustle back

Lefty coming in to face Uncle Mike