Blue Jays @ Astros, April 23, 2022…the Return of George Springer

Let’s end the shit show, fellas

Astros: Enough is enough. Remember you are an elite team and kick the Blue Jays’ ass.

Leadoff home run from Springer. Awesome.

And he returns with a homer.

Urquidy, you don’t have to throw strikes all the time.

As currently constructed, the Blue Jays are the better team.

Welp, that might be enough

There are many better teams than this version of the Astros right now.


Guerrero with a single

Gurriel with a single

Walk loads the bases with two outs

The offense may be dogshit, but at least Urquidy has absolutely nothing today.

Inning finally ends. They get three hits and a walk, but only the one run


He needs to use all of his pitches, not just the fastball. Especially against a team that is hitting .280 against the fastball.

Let’s get that run back.

Good job, Brantley.

Brantley with a 1-out single


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2-1 Astros

0-2 Breggy Bomb!