Baseball Podcasts

Anybody have any good baseball podcast suggestions? I use to like the Ringer MLB show but that has been canceled. I do listen to and like Effectively Wild but I like a good opinion podcast to listen to from time to time.

McHugh’s is great, imo.


I’ll co-sign the McHugh podcast. And if historical baseball is your thing, you might check out “Black Diamonds,” the podcast put out by the president of the Negro Leagues Museum.

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One of my favorite podcasts is the “Poscast” – co-hosted by sportswriter Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur, creator of Parks & Rec, The Good Place and Brooklyn 99.

It’s not strictly a baseball podcast, but it’s pretty entertaining, and they probably talk more baseball than anything else.

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Not cancelled, but suspended during the lockout - I expect it should be back soon.

I want to start a podcast, but not about baseball. It’s all about stupid shit people have done when they’re drunk (sort of the opposite of Florida Man who does dumb shit stone cold sober and after thoughtful consideration). It’s called “Alcohol May Have Been Involved”. I think it could be a hit.

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Well that sucks big time. But shunting baseball to the side is not entirely unexpected from the Ringer.

Is “Hold my beer” already taken?

ETA: Also I should say, I’d be happy to provide material for your first few seasons.