Austin Trip

My son and I are taking a trip down to Austin over his college spring break (week of March 14). I’ve been vaccinated and he’s already had Covid. And we aren’t going to have a lot more chances to go away just the two of us so we figured that we’d take this opportunity before he graduates and starts work.

Anyone have suggestions for things to do during the day, places to eat (he’s vegan so we’re a little limited), venues that still have live music?

I’m assuming that with the governor opening the state today, there will be more things open in two weeks, but I want to start making a list now.

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t lived there in ages but I can’t not recommend my brother-in-law’s restaurant, L’oca D’oro. In addition to being one of the best restaurants there (Italian), he’s getting a lot of press lately for organizing something called Good Work Austin, which has been doing the Lord’s work (in a, you know, secular way) throughout the pandemic and bad weather,

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Thanks for the tip, I had not heard of them. We may try one of their subscription plans. It looks like they’re closed for normal dine-in and take-out though.

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Vegan-friendly: The Beer Plant, Mr. Natural, Arlo’s (food truck, and maybe Covid-closed), Bouldin Creek Cafe