August 1, 2023

This, sports fans, was a great day to be a Houston Astros fan. Hats off to Jim Crane, Dana Brown, and Framber Valdez. Welcome home, JV. You cannot leave again until you go to Cooperstown.


What a great fucking day. I followed the deadline on baited breath, managed to catch the Verlander news the second it happened. Had a super successful day at work despite not paying much attention to it. Went out and played pool with a buddy and won the majority of games. Managed to watch much of a fucking no hitter! And home by 11 so I can actually get some sleep tonight, knowing that Justin Fucking Verlander is back where he belongs. Could not have written a more perfect day.


You could have followed the deadline with bated breath.


Good get. I saw that too, but I suppressed my inner spelling Nazi.

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So, how was the play, Mr Raup?

I thought it was good, but I am not a drama critic when I go. I probably will think they all are good. Unlike Chuck, I am a big fan of musical theater.

Serious subject line/premise (Kim is 16 but dying of a rare disease which ages her rapidly) but funny lines throughout and closed with a song imparting a lesson to the audience (you never get a second chance at life). Great voices, no dancing.

Shucked and &Juliet today at 2 and 8. The synopsis of &Juliet is crazy. What a convoluted story line someone thought up.

My brother sent me the soundtrack for shucked. It is pretty funny.

There are reasons I am not a writer

Zipp has seen it, and he told me the same thing.

My Labrador seems to have baited breath. Or maybe a secret stash of rotting anchovies.

When I first heard the idea for Juliet it seemed laugh out loud insane.

Even reading plot is hard to follow.

There is a grammar rule waiver for any paragraph that contains three or more fuckings.



Are we not doing phrasing anymore?

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Shucked is hilarious.

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