ATL Series

Set to attend tonight and tomorrow’s game. Will see how much shit I hear about last year’s WS win while me and my brother’s families are in attendance. Hope we didn’t run the offense fuel gauge to empty after putting up 3 touchdowns yesterday. Only time will tell.


Have fun and bring back some W’s.


Don’t let Dusty run out shit lineups. We’re all counting on you


Yeah, the win all depends on BillyD. I hope he brought rattled bats with him.


ATL is on a roll. 9-1 in their last ten. Looks like an unbeatable team. All manner of chickens, fritoes, and yard work may be needed.

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We will be rooting hard and doing our part. I just know Dusty is going to write down Mancini’s name on the lineup card for us!


I’m having wings tonight

He did

This seems like good weather for frito pie!

It’s a sign!

He has given us his lineup card as a sign! Follow the lineup card!

Wearing my shooting star jersey tonight for good luck.

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For a baseball player he sure behaves like some kind of criminal.

For a criminal he sure behaves like some kind of baseball player.

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Last pro game I went to was Astros at Braves several years ago. Astros came through. That was a very different Braves team than what they have now. This will be a good match up and a good test.

Also don’t get what ever regional streaming station ATL games are carried on my YOUTUBE TV Subscription and will be blacked out on the MLB TV so looks like I will be hanging out with Robert Ford and Steve Sparks for tonight’s game. Saturday’s game is on Fox.

90 in a 35.

Dusty just said Yordan will likely play LF today and tomorrow and Trey will probably give Yuli a break Sunday

Can it be? Trey starting all 3 games?

An Astros miracle!

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You haven’t seen tomorrow’s lineup yet. It may have Dubon at DH.