Athletics @ Astros, 9/16/22

Why are all the seats empty on a Friday night game with JV starting?

JV seems amped to start the game. Two K.‘s and a ground out to start the first.

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It’s Hispanic Heritage Day, with the street fest and all, tomorrow, so some fans may be holding out for that.

And I think the weather’s bad in parts of Houston, i dunno why really.

434’ Yordong to CF makes it 1-0

And Bregman gets nailed on the hand, he looks to be in a bit of pain, stays in

Straight out to the deepest part of the park. What a blast.

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It looks like people have filtered in quite a bit. Maybe the bad weather just had people arriving late. It looks much better now.

Top 2: K, HBP, K (Laureano SB), F9

Mancini K, Dubon and Maldy both almost beat out IF grounders

To the 3rd, 1-0 Stros

Nice dig at third base by Bregman. Looks like his arm is feeling OK after the HBP.

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Great scoop by Yuli too.

Groundout and 2 more Ks for JV

Top of the order needs to get after this guy now

That ball would have been out of Yosemite.

Did you see Martinez, the pitcher, just laughing at it. That was fantastic.


At some point they’ll stop throwing him changeups, right?

That ball will go on the IL with stitch discomfort


431’ Yordong to LCF makes it 2-0

This following an Altuve BB and Pena 5-4-3 DP

Bregman grounds out on 3-2 to send it to the 4th.

The A’s broadcast has been solid, they’ve spent 79% of the time praising the Astros.

According to twitter, Yordan’s HRs would have been out in every park but Detroit. Which seems ridiculous, those balls were crushed.

Verlander had to labor a bit that inning, deep counts.

F7, 6-3, BB, K 66 pitches through 4