Astros @ Yankees, 6/25/22

Cole on the hill for the Yanks

Altuve walks on 5 pitches
Brantley 1-2, Altuve goes, fouls off 101FB, blown away on 99 heat. This is the Cole I remember. Asshole.
Bregman pops up an 0-2 slider into RCF
Yordan K’s on 100 mph on the outside edge. Good AB though.

Yankee hitters could wrap the bat all the way around their back and these umps would still call it a check swing.


Judge F9
Rizzo F8
Donaldson BB on a total BS checkswing call
Stanton K’s

0-0 end of 1, and I’m already salty at the HPU

Meyers looks like he may have gotten comfortable with AAA pitching. It’s going to take a few games to get back up to speed.

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Tucker leadoff walk, 6 pitches
Diaz lazy fly to CF
Matijivich…Tucker running 1st pitch, ball goes to the backstop, safe standing up
Swings through 3-1 cheese (99), swings through 3-2 cheese (100)
Meyers: 99 dotted on the edge, flails at a slider, slider in the dirt watched, 100 outside take, 100 middle out fouled off, 100 in fouled off, SL down and out hit up the middle, off of Cole’s glove, 2B throw beats Meyers by a step+, 3 outs, Tucker stranded at 2B

Cole is throwing some nasty stuff.

Pitch 1 was a strike, blue

7 extra pitches these chUMPS have made Javier throw

HPU is riding the strugglebus, just another of the usual performances

Torres popup to 1B
Hicks Ks on nasty breaking ball
Trevino 1st pitch F9

Javier: 28 pitches
Cole: 41 pitches

not that that matters yet

Maldy 4 pitch K
Altuve 1 pitch F8
Brantley 6 pitch F7, nice AB

The meek shall inherit the Earth. It’s gonna be nothing but Astros.

Welcome back.

Now go face Severino and Cole.


Things happened, and then Judge K’d to end the inning.

Blessed are the cheesemakers.

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Alex, Alex, Alex. What are we going to do with you?

Unfortunately, Cole seems to be on his game today.

Hopefully, also fortunately, he has thrown 61 pitches in the 1st 4 innings…

Rizzo: down 1-2, FB outside, 3U
Donaldson: high cheese makes it 0-2, FB up, FB out, SL out, K’s on a brilliant breaking ball down in the zone
Stanton: 0-2 FB up, SL out, swings through a middle out FB at 96, 3 down.

Scoreless through 4

Javier deserves a pat on the back, too.


Fucking Marwin

Half surprised the scorer didn’t decide that was an error.