Astros @ Yankees, 6/24/22

Stros do nothing in the 1st

Stanton up with 2 down and a man on 1st (Rizzo 2 out walk)…Yankee broadcasters are loving on Verlander, even said he struck Stanton out on a pitch called a ball…Stanton strikes out anyway.

0-0 end of 1

The Yankee broadcast is not easy to listen to. Beltran is especially bad.

Stanton should have been out on a called strike AND a (non-)checked swing. It’ll be a frustrating evening if they keep fucking that stuff up.

Yordan took strike 3 twice

NARRATOR: The ump absolutely kept fucking that stuff up.

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Boy, is anything a strike tonight?

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It’ll make for a long game

Wait a damn minute, Beltran is a Yankee broadcaster??


Man, that is some industrial strength hypocrisy.

Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.


Meyers looked gunshy there.

Yeah he’d like another go at that one.

Meanwhile douchenozzle Donaldson poses, throws his bat down hitting Castro, then realizes it’s a fly ball even in that joke of a park.

Maybin too, though that is a lesser degree of hypocrisy, I guess

Sit down, meat.

Well, that was a damn fine catch.

Altuve robbed by Hicks.

Fucking nice catch.

The Yank announcers are being very nice to the Stros. I don’t know what to think tonight.

I wonder if they shifted their defense for Altuve a step toward left after last night.

Strike 3 isn’t called, Diaz can’t find the handle, and now Hicks bats with a man on.

Btw its raining.

Couldn’t even afford a roof.


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