Astros @ Yankees, 5/9/2024

4pm start

Lineup changes:

5 pm ET is a weird start time

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That .520 OPS for Bregman yields a mighty 53 OPS+. I don’t even know how to describe how bad that is.

I’d go with “10th worst in the majors”

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Many players have big seasons in their walk year. Not Alex Bregman.

I’ve never seen him swing at so many balls outside the strikezone. Dude is obviously pressing.

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Altuve takes strike 1 above his shoulders then flails at 2 a foot outside. Tucker rolls over the first pitch for a groundout. Yordan chooses to spit on two right down the fucking middle then DESTROYS ONE to RF.

1-0 Astros

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Hopefully, this is start of a good stretch at the plate for Yordan.



Singleton with a monster blast


Holy fuck, Jon!

Good to see the HPU is a fucking idiot

Fans up there are lucky it hit the facade and not their person

Can we hold a lead?

Mid 1, 3-0 Astros.

Thank you for tuning in to the most competitive part of Astros baseball


Clench your butt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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I’m going to take the over and say the lead lasts for 5 outs.

Mark, always the eternal fucking optimist

Last night, the lead lasted three pitches. I’m hoping we can bump that up to at least seven.