Astros White Sox, July 18, 2021

Framber has given up two runs on two hits through four innings. Astros with zero runs on one hit.

After four: CWS 2 - Astros 0

These hitters are hopeless. Just leave town and spare yourselves the embarrassment.

Correa and Alvarez have become strikeout factories.

But Correa is playing some serious shortstop today.

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Rodon is averaging under 4.5 pitches per out so the Astros are being very expeditious about getting to the airport ASAP.

Somebody needs to tell these guys that it’s not August yet and they’re early for their swoon.

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CWS now three runs on three hits.

In other unsurprising news, this HPU is fucking terrible.

You just can’t throw sliders over the center of the plate like that. Has anyone told them?

So yesterday/today, the Astros have outscored me by exactly 1 run.


Yordan got one to hit.

7 innings, 1 hit.

Maybe Rodón is done for the day.

The Astros really need to quit fucking around.

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That play from Maldy was Bagwellian

Never saw a double play like that before.

Inning-ending double play, just like you draw it up

Abreu @ 2nd & Engle @ 3b w/ grounder to Altuve,
Thrown to Machete,
Machete, a thinking man’s DP

  • chases Engle back to 3b and he overruns the bag w/ Abreu standing on it,
  • (Machete pauses, time stops…)
  • Machete then tags Abreu, who shouldn’t be there,
  • then tags Engle, who has been standing 2-feet off the bag, to end the inning…


Routine 4-2 DP

And Baggy immediately understood what he had done. You can see the pause where Machete makes sure he’s doing it right.

It surely NOT checkers, it’s chess.