Astros vs Yankers 06-23-2022

3-0 still no outs.

Bregman continues to turn things around at the plate. Three run Breggy Bomb.

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Altuve HBP, FB off the elbow pad
Brantley LD single to RF
Bregman HR to LF
Yordan popup to LF
Tucker LD out to RF
Yuli LD out to LCF

Last 2 outs were hit hard. 3-0 Stros

Altuve HBP
Brantley line single to RF, Altuve to 3rd
Bregman BOMB
Alverez, Tucker, and Gurriel make sure all the outfielders are awake with three fly outs.

Framber not close to the plate…4 pitch leadoff walk

Jeebus…mix in a strike now and again, Framber

Well this is shaping up poorly.

Off the bat I was hoping that was a double play.

Fuck a duck

I was hoping for a triple play.

Well, didn’t need that 3-run lead apparently.

And just like that. Tie game.

Hanging curve, right down the middle

Way to go, Framber. Why did I ever think you were becoming an ace?

Tighten your shit, Framber

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Well, back to work, boys. 37 runs might do it.

Anyone see the Altuve HBP? Did it look intentional?

Pitch 1 not a strike ump

Doubt it was but it did look like it. 2nd pitch FB straight at him

Of course it was intentional.

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