Astros vs the LA Angels in Anaheim, 07/16/2023

Cristian Javier R
7-1 4.34 ERA

2B M. Dubon R
3B Alex Bregman R
RF Kyle Tucker L
1B Jose Abreu R
LF C. McCormick R
DH Yainer Diaz R
CF Jake Meyers R
SS G. Kessinger R
C M. Maldonado R

Tyler Anderson L
4-2 5.25 ERA

SS Zach Neto R
DH S. Ohtani L
CF M. Moniak L
LF Taylor Ward R
3B M. Moustakas L
C Matt Thaiss L
RF H. Renfroe R
1B Trey Cabbage L
2B Luis Rengifo S

Could be a real slobaknocka’.

Or half of one.

Good Reptil, por favor.

Dubón has been such a nice surprise.

Now let’s get greedy.

What a nice patient AB from Kyle.

Good read by Dubón too.

What a nice AB by Chas.


27 pitches and only 1 out.

After yesterday getting into their bullpen early would be very nice.

If Diaz could lay off the pitches he needs a stepstool to reach.

Or a shovel.

Diaz loves those high fastballs

Astros game is on half of the monitors here at the gym. That must mean something.

Well that inning was a huge disappointment

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Diaz over-aggressive then he dialed up some effective offspeed stuff to Jake.

Diaz has been getting pantsed lately.

Wonder if ESPN is gonna mention this Ohtani character.

Diaz , for some reason, struggles against LHP .507 ops in 49 PA before that at bat.

But he was also just .642 in the minors last year.

The audio feed via the MLB app is 7 pitches behind the TV feed. Which sucks.

It’s been terrible this year.

Middle of 1st Astros 1-0.

3 singles and a walk, left the bases loaded and made Anderson throw 35 pitches.