Astros Valuation 2022

Those bulging pockets for Mr. Crane are even more…bulging. Per Forbes, the Astros value is up over $100MM from one year ago despite the recently-signed new CBA. Scratch that. Not despite but because of. Forbes is saying the biggest jump in value for Crane and the other baseball billionaires is the additional sponsorship revenue that will be pouring in from all those advertising deals involving jerseys and helmets.

The Astros are now worth more than triple what Crane paid for the Astros ($630MM) just 11 years ago.


To think Crane gets hundreds of millions just to play a game.

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I’m guessing the last three in order.
28. Minnesota
29. Kansas City
30. Tampa Bay


I always forget about the Marlins

The only team valued at less than $1B.

Amazing what TB accomplishes on the field.

So do the Marlins

I feel like a Major League remake would have to be the Marlins.

Or the Guardians.

Goddamn, that is such a terrible (and logo).