Astros @ Twins, May 12 2022

eta: lineup’s in that tweet

Robo umps yesterday, please.

Fucking christ that was awful. Garcia dotted a 3-1 pitch at the knees, ball 4.

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No no no. There is nothing more American than complaining about something instead of fixing it, and baseball is America

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Tucker ropes an inside FB down the RF line for a leadoff 2B

Chas, trying to go to RF with his swing, punches a 7 hopper up the middle for an RBI single. That was nice hitting.

eta: Chas RBI

Tucker is getting hot again.

Man is he fun to watch when he’s hot.

It would be nice if Garcia could go 5+ today.

I celebrate all shift assisted hits.

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Peña destroyed that slider. Yikes.

How the hell did Bregman pop that meatball up?

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Another GD pop up by Bregman

This is getting fucking old.


Acknowledge him.


That was deeeeeeeep!

I celebrate all yorbombs.

Did Tucker just hurt his hand on that steal? Why is he not wearing one of those sliding mitts?

Tucker eschews all manner of hand coverings: batting gloves, sliding mitts, ski gloves, oven mitts (ouch!). He probably didn’t even wear the ones babies wear to keep from scratching his face up when he was an infant.


Yordan HR:


Peña hobbling. That doesn’t look good. Almost as bad a Popup Bregman.