Astros @ Twins, May 10 2022

Astros lead 1-0 in the 2nd.

Brantley had a nice catch to end JVs 6 pitch 1st.

Bregman for Gio Urchela on a blue star barehanded pickup.

The run scored in the 2nd.

Yuli lined a Yuli liner like Yuli does.
Tucker walked.
Yuli took second on a Chas F8 and scored on a Peña grounder (runner was going so no dp; classic run manufacturing).

This guy’s strike zone is random.

End 3.

JV looking good.

The wide zone is … wide.

Tucker stolen base and a Peña single to right turns into a 2 out run.


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Peña with a nice throw deep in the hole.

Seems like the kid is gonna be ok.

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Miranda in the batters box reminds me a little of Glen Davis.

Altuve single up the middle.

I’d be happy with him hitting a shit ton of singles.


Brantley walks.

Close pitch.

Yeah, that zone is amorphous.


Bregman drills a double off the wall in left.

Altuve scores, Brantley to 3rd.


Twins starter Ryan is done.

2nd/3rd no outs for Alvarez.

F7 plates Brantley.

Ball wasn’t deep but fielder was on the run. Good decision to put pressure on them to make a play.


Bregman moved to 3rd on the previous play.

Yuli grounds out 5-3. Ball was at his nose but he manages to get on top of it.

Tucker walks.

Chas grounds out up the middle. Nice play by the shifted 2nd baseman.

It’s 4-0.

I like JV.


I think he is a keeper.

Hot take on the level of “I like puppies”

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Polanco walks.

Their first baserunner.

That was slick

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