Astros @ Tigers, September 13, 2022

After one…Astros lead 1-0 on a Yordan home run

He crushed it. The swing is coming back.

Walk, double and a pretty lazy play by Yordan ties it up

I thought so too; if he had hurried and made a strong throw, Peña had a shot at getting him.

Don’t think he expected the runner to be going and lobbed it back in. A strong throw and you’ve got a real shot at the plate.

Yordan with a 2-out double

Bregman with an RBI single…2-1 Astros


Tucker! 4-1 Astros

King Tuck!

I really wish we didn’t have to watch Dubon in CF


Long way to run.

Some CFers make that play.

Triple, single make it 4-2

I’d say most do. I like Dubon. But an elite CFer he ain’t.

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3-6-3 clears the bases, but Baez follows with a single

Is Dubon the best we got for post-season CF?

Whether he is or isn’t, he’s Dusty’s boy.

Todd Kalas still doesn’t know basic baseball rules.

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TK called that bunt a thing of beauty.

It was more a thing of luck.

And I’d rather him swing away with 2 outs.

I despair - and turn the sound off. I hate having to explain his idiocy to others watching with me.